Weekend and Night Service = Happy Customers

Here is a “Happiness Check” we got back from a customer this week who loves that we will come out to your house late at night, any day of the week, for NO additional charge:

“I called about my a/c being out at 9:20 p.m. on a Saturday and was amazed to find out that a tech could come out that night. I thought that I would have to wait until at least Sunday morning.

The service was fantastic even in the middle of the night. The part was on the truck and my a/c was up and running in under 45 minutes!”

      – John Lucent

We’re here ’til midnight, 7 days a week, and we’ve GOT the answer!

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Mr. Jenkins and Bobby

Can you believe it was this time last year that we aired the FIRST Mr. Jenkins and Bobby Commercial…


Watch them at our YouTube Page, then…

Vote for your favorite:

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Company pictures for the first time in over 10 years…

Every month (except during the summer), we have a company-wide breakfast. The Morris-Jenkins managers come in at 4 a.m. to cook a HUGE amazing breakfast with everything you can think of, and ALL of our 170+ Morris-Jenkins employees – techs, installers, office staff and all – come to the office at 7 a.m. to hang out and hear from the managers.

This month’s breakfast, on October 7th, everyone came in even earlier to line up over 100 Morris-Jenkins trucks and take official Morris-Jenkins company pictures for the first time since the summer of 2001!

Here’s what our last official company picture of the technicians looked like:

This picture actually includes 4 salesmen. So at that time, we only had 15 technicians. Now we have over 100 residential technicians. We also didn’t include the office staff in this picture, which is the very core of Morris-Jenkins! A lot has changed in 10 years, and needless to say, it was time to take new pictures.

Unlike the last official picture, we didn’t separate the different departments of the company for each to be photographed alone. Instead, we kept all of the Morris-Jenkins employees together, and just rearranged for each picture. This idea was important to us because the departments at Morris-Jenkins – Service, Installation, Priority Advantage, Customer Service, etc. – are not stand-alone groups! Each department supports the others. Dispatch supports customer service by assigning techs to the calls Customer Service schedules. Service supports Priority Advantage by repairing any problems found during a Priority Advantage tune-up. Warehouse supports Installation and Service to order and deliver the parts they need to do their job. The Morris-Jenkins company is a network of support systems and no department could stand alone without the others.

You see, even though you only see one little old service technician who comes to your house, Morris-Jenkins has a huge team behind them that allows them to serve you quickly, efficiently and correctly.

That’s the idea behind our new pictures. The Morris-Jenkins team is huge. And we’re all working together to make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

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Explaining the remaining energy tax credits for HVAC

The remaining federal tax credits for energy-saving HVAC systems expire December 31, 2011. There are also utility rebates available at this time. These are two things you definitely want to understand and consider if your HVAC systems are close to needing replacement.

The first key to understanding these rebates is to be aware that HVAC systems are measured for energy efficiency according to several government-defined ratings. SEER is the system’s Seasonal Earned Efficiency Rating. EER is its Energy Efficiency Rating. AFUE is a furnace’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. HSPF is used to measure a heat pump’s Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.

Now for the tax credits:

High efficiency air conditioners with 16 SEER or greater and an EER of 13 or greater receive a $300 rebate.

Packaged Systems with a 14 SEER rating with an EER of 12 or greater get a $300 rebate.

For Advanced Air Circulating Fans (furnace blowers), some get a tax credit of $50 (which could be in addition to credits for the actual furnace itself).

Furnaces with AFUE of 95% or better get a $150 rebate – and these can be natural gas or propane furnace.

Heat Pumps with a SEER of 15, carrying a 12.5 EER with a HSPF of 8.5 qualify for a $300 rebate.

In simple terms:

Purchase our 95% Furnace, get:                                $150

If Furnace has an Advance Blower, get:                   $50

With matching Air Conditioner, get:                         $300.

Total:                                                                                             $500


Also, these same systems qualify for utilities rebates (while they last)…

Piedmont Natural Gas:                                        $175

Duke Energy:                                                        $200

Total:                                                                      $375

So before December 31, you will receive a total of $875 in Federal credits and utility rebates.

…PLUS our end of the season discounts

Qualifying air conditioners:                          $2,000 off

                Matching Furnace:                                         HALF OFF (when purchased with a/c)


These are the best prices we’ve seen since well before the recession. And to top it off, Morris-Jenkins is throwing in an iPad when you buy a new system (until November 19th).

Make sure you understand and take advantage of these savings! If you have any questions on the government’s energy tax credits or utility rebates, call 704-357-0484 to talk to a Residential Specialist.

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Levine Children’s Hospital’s 2011 Hopebuilders 5K – WE MET OUR GOAL!

This is Xander! He is a sweet, 6-year-old redhead …but you can’t tell right now because he’s lost most of his hair from leukemia.

On Saturday, October 15th, a team of Morris-Jenkins employees and friends helped build HOPE for patients and families at Levine Children’s Hospital at the 16th Annual HopeBuilder’s 5k!

Specifically, we raised money and ran for Xander Vanover as “Team Xander”!

Levine Children’s Hospital has always been very close to Morris-Jenkins’ hearts. A couple years ago, we decided to celebrate our 50 years in business by pledging $500,000 to fund the Special Recognition Program, which is designed to help celebrate patient’s special milestones during their stay at the hospital, such as end of treatment, receipt of a new kidney/liver/heart, birthdays during hospitalization, and more.

In addition to these yearly donations, we like to stay involved with Levine Children’s Hospital. We had so much fun at the 5K!

We had even more fun raising money in Xander’s honor! Our initial goal was $4,000. But thanks, in part, to a fundraising competition within the Morris-Jenkins team, we ended up raising $5,849!!

The fundraising competition also resulted in some interesting attire for the race… but that just made it more fun!

We want to say THANK YOU so much to anyone who donated to our team! This is such a great cause, and we are proud to support Levine Children’s Hospital in any way!

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New Commercial Series

Today – Monday, September 12th – a new series of Morris-Jenkins commercials are hitting the air! Here are the first two…

(Stay tuned for an *extended version* to be posted as well!)



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What is the BEST Morris-Jenkins Jingle Version?

To give a little history, our jingle was written in 2001 by our owner, Dewey Jenkins, his wife and two daughters. About 3 years after the original jingle was written, Dewey started to play around with the jingle and came up with these different versions that we have used on and off every since!


Listen and VOTE for your favorite at the bottom!


Original Version

Cajun Version

Gospel Version

Mariachi Version

Bluegrass Version

Swing Version


Vote for your favorite:

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DON’T TAKE OFF work to have your system serviced!

We work around YOUR schedule. We get up early, and stay up late.

I was extremely please and told all of my co-workers to use Morris-Jenkins. Our technician Sammie was 15 minutes early (7:45!), extremely professional and very polite, had me up and running within 1 hour. Excellent service. Karen is an asset as well scheduling service (that day), even though I couldn’t til the next day, but she set me up the FIRST appointment so I would be on time for my job. EXCELLENT SERVICE.

                              –          Deborah Bumgarner, Matthews, NC

We’re here til Midnight, 7 days a week and we’ve GOT the answer.

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Morris-Jenkins takes on ANACONDA

Thought this Happiness Check was interesting… one of our techs bucks up to a snake!

I feel I must state what a dedicated and fine employee you have in Steve Screws – After finding a copperhead snake in his work area he was dedicated enough

to re-enter the work area to complete his job. I don’t know if I could have –

Maybe some hours later, I don’t know.

                                          –          Howard E. Johnson, Charlotte, NC



Ya gotta be thankful for Morris-Jenkins techs (and installers) willing to work in snake-infested crawl spaces and HOT attics!

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There’s a lot more than what meets the eye at Morris-Jenkins

When you call Morris-Jenkins, here’s what you SEE:

Here’s what you DON’T see:

Team of over 60 techs waiting to get to your house ASAP

Customer Service Rep taking the call

Dispatcher sending the right tech for your problem

Extensive Training at Morris-Jenkins University

Huge parts stock in warehouse

Fully stocked trucks

Parts runners

Warranty parts coordinator


Residential System Designers



Install Supervisor

Install Coordinator

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